Training of Palliative Care home care providers

Training of community based palliative worker (CBPWs) enhances expansion of palliative care from the traditional hospital based system to a communal system. This in turn eases the burden on existing hospital system while making it cost effective and more accessible for the targeted individuals.

The team increases knowledge among CHWs on palliative care, further translating to practice which increases the capacity at community level. Frequent support and care to the patient and family will equip the family members with knowledge on how best to handle their ill family member. With the CBPWs already integrated and accepted in communities and societies, hence reaching targeted patients.

Community based palliative workers training components focus on:

  • Holistic patient assessment
  • Cultural competence
  • Patient intake and output assessment
  • Identification of risk factors
  • Communication skills
  • Health promotion
  • Diseases and injuries prevention
  • Bereavement support
  • Administration of medicine and monitoring
  • Essential palliative care drugs
  • Home visiting