Palliative Care

A few years back, cancer was almost unheard of; a disease so rare that it brought about myths of all sorts. Fast-forward to the contemporary world and you will not be surprised that at least two in every ten deaths is caused by cancer;of whichever kind.

Cancer has become such a menace in the society, cutting across all ages,races and status and with it has brought all manner of suffering, ranging from physical pain, emotional turmoil, mental breakdown, financial constraints among others. But even with all the pain and suffering cancer has been associated with, there is hope. Losing hope is the worst A person can go.

We are here to revive that lost hope for you, your family, friends and the community as a whole. Having cancer is not the end of life, there is a lot more that you can achieve, live for and share even with the condition.
Palliative Care is not just any care, it is one that is geared towards alleviating suffering, ridding pain and managing a condition which would otherwise bring unbearable suffering to the patient facing a life-limiting condition, their family and the community, at all levels.