Nutrition Care

Good nutrition is important in caring for patients with life-limiting illness, not only for meeting the body’s physical requirements but also because of its associated social, cultural and psychological benefits.

ONPACC provide holistic nutritional assessment, care and support with an understanding and respect for patients’ wishes. The patient, family and healthcare professionals openly discuss and agree the goals of nutritional care and support at an early stage.

ONPACC work hand in hand with the family members in ensuring the patients nutritional needs are met and monitoring the input and output. The team prepares patients feeding timetable, meals preparation depending on availablitiy and patient’s needs.

An assessment of nutritional status and the impact are included in the holistic assessment of all patients and reviewed appropriately.

The team may consider Oral nutritional supplements on an individual patient basis. It is important to take into account possible benefits, practicality, acceptability to patient and likely compliance

Some Appetite stimulants maybe considered in those patients with cachexia, anorexia or weight loss to boost their feeding.