Family/community health education

ONPACC appreciates the fact that most of the people in our community, especially in rural areas, do not have the right information to deal with life-limiting conditions. It is rather unfortunate that people in some communities still have mythical beliefs and approaches to such conditions as HIV/AIDS and cancer. Patients in those communities with these diseases have been mistreated, others labelled outcasts; as if the pain caused by the condition was not enough. We do not blame them for such behavior, it is knowledge they lack.

This is the reason our other main focus is to go out there and educate people on health issues, the conditions, the causes, the prevention, the treatment, the management and how to co-exist as a family and as a commuinity in the event of such. Our well-trained personnel are professionals in the health sector and would bring basic, relevant and important information on any health issue that is common in our society. This way, we can all face this as one people united against these diseases and conditions, help us educate you so we all live a healthier life.