Bereavement support

Grief is a normal reaction to losing someone you love. Each person grieves differently and there is no timeline for how long it takes before the hurt of loss lessens.

ONPACC  understands that grieving can begin before the actual death and last longer than a few weeks or months. We offer consistent and continuies grief and bereavement support to families and friends.

The team assesses and observes emotions experienced by individuls such as anxiety, worried on how to manage routine,sense of guilt. It is important to understand that all of those thought and feeling are normal. Bereavement support goup with individuals going through similar difficult or talking with a professional is part of healing

ONPACC assess and observes for persistent symptoms which need to be taken seriously exmple: feeling exhausted, anxious, suidal, depressed, helpless, experiencing uncontrollable anger, insomnia or stressed-out. Withdrawing from family and friends, work, school, becoming dependant on drugs or alcohol and  lack of desire actavities enjoyed.